Our offer includes special products such as scenery and backdrops, fair material, architectural graphics and industrial graphics. They all have one thing in common, they need to be completely adapted to the needs of our client with a top notch finish. With the help of our experts you will find the solutions for your challenges from design to the print and to the installment.


Printing of scenery, floor graphics and wallpapers for concerts, theatrical performances, dramas or ballet – we have a knack for it. The scene can be printed on a material of your desire; BP fabric, lightex, TSC canvas, art canvas, PVC canvas or wallpapers. With our help, the museum exhibition will come to life with our help.

To rent a space where you can host a fair can be costly. The price to perform at a fair can be even higher, if we include all the other costs as well. That is why you must leave nothing to chance.

A quality corporate image of a fair stand attracts attention, invokes trust in the audience and raises your reputation. In their eyes you and your trademark will reach a higher value.

According to your needs and wishes we can make (even design and install) all the equipment for a fair performance. It could be a simple banner or a fully equipped fair stand with curtains, floor graphics, panels and posters. We offer to even print on fabric or boards.



Modern architectural trends have become more open to the use of labels, wallpapers and similar graphical elements. What these offer is a flexible, cost-effective and attractive adaptation of the living or work areas to the trend at hand. With our solution the visual transformation of your home or office is simple, quick and efficient, without much need for construction or dirt that comes with.

Our graphics are used with the production of various final products or intermediate products for industry and wider consumption. We are talking about decorative and functional graphical elements that are plastered or printed on products, such as: cooling cases, coffee machines, skis, airplane parts, control panel buttons, deckchair fabric, handbags, labels, gauges, clocks, closets etc.



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